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…Welcome to the streets. DopeWars is a fully decentralized, community driven, gaming metaverse project inspired by hip-hop culture.

We’re bootstrapping a loot derivativem, modern-day GTA-inspired metaverse and series of games built by our decentralized game studio on Ethereum, Optimism and Starknet, inspired by the classic Drug Wars arbitrage game that many of us played growing up.

Our open environment allows developers and contributors to produce their own limitless games for the DopeWars NFT holders.

Decentralized where it counts, DopeWars is also an experiment in decentralized project finance and governance using a DAO;




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8,000 randomized, limited-edition NFT bundles of $PAPER and Gear were released September 2021 during a fair-mint, costing only gas.

Each ERC-721 DOPE NFT allows you to build a Hustler character to be used in our upcoming games, and provides an equal Governance Vote on Proposals from the DAO.

{ "_paper" }

PAPER is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, and the in-game currency of DopeWars.

Each NFT allows a claim of 125,000 $PAPER once and only once — and regardless of the current holder the NFT does not allow for more than one claim.

The supply of PAPER is fixed at 1.5 billion.

The DAO has removed the ability to increase the supply of $PAPER from the contract entirely.

{ "_gear" }

Gear are interchangeable pieces of equipment that live on the L2 Optimism blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens.

They are created by Claiming an original DOPE NFT. This Claim process produces 9 separate NFT items that can be traded and equipped independently of one another, using our custom marketplace for low gas fees.

There are 10 equipment slots for every Hustler. Weapon,Clothes,Vehicle,Waist,Drugs,Shoes,Gloves,Necklace,Ring,Accessory.

*The accessory slot is a feature of the Hustler token and is not present in the original DOPE NFT.
*The Waist slot is not shown in the original .svg image of DOPE NFTs.

{ "_hustler" }

Hustlers are fully-customizable in-game characters and profile pictures created by Claiming Gear from an original DOPE NFT then minting a Hustler NFT on the Optimism L2 network for low gas fees.

All Hustler artwork is stored on the blockchain and can be changed at any time using our Swap Meet.

The first 500 hustlers were “OG Hustlers” which have the following features, Generated Title, Custom Name, 100 Respect stat (maxed) and Exclusive Blue Alien skin customization option



...Developments for the DopeWars Ecosystem.

{ Mean Streets on Optimism }

//...Developed by UnixLabs with the Unity Engine on Optimism. A fast paced top-down battle royale in Dope City;

{ DOPE WARS on Starknet}

//...Developed by Cartridge with the Dojo engine on Starknet. An immersive recreation of the 1999 TI-83 classic where street smarts reign supreme and every choice matters in the end;


<dope dao>

...Its a DAO? That's Dope.

DOPE DAO is a Protocol Managed Member Administrated, Not for Profit LLC registered with the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The DOPE DAO Operating Agreement forms the base of this registration and defines how we operate as a DAO.

8000 DOPE tokens control the DOPE DAO treasury via Smart Contract. This process is governed by the Official Proposal Process.

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